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Fans of Virtua Fighter

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Virtua Fighter Fans
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Welcome to the first community for worldwide Virtua Fighter fans! I couldn't help but notice that many VF devotees were starting up their own journals here at LJ, so I decided to make a nice, cozy little community for everyone to join and chat in, and maybe even meet new friends/competition. If you <3 VF, feel free to join in.

I highly recommend asking precise gameplay questions (i.e. "How many frames is Byakko?") at virtuafighter.com, the best English-language resource for VF out there. This community is more for general VF series discussion: tournament results, personal play experiences, VF-related news from around the world, VF-related fanworks, etc. But don't let me be too bossy, post whatever you have that may be VF-related.


  • No lameness. Lameness is not tolerated.

  • No introductory posts without any real content. Please. Every community maintainer is sick of the "Hi I'm new here! be nice plz" postings. All you need to do is say something interesting, and that's all the introduction you'll need.

  • PLEASE don't just post your kumite/quest character records. It's pointless.

  • More rules may be added later if necessary.

    Your moderator is zerochan, who can also be seen moderating VFDC, because she loves this game that much. Please enjoy! (^_^)
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