Cat (nekomon) wrote in virtuafighter,

VF4:EVO in-game wallpaper

Just a question, but does anybody have the images in the in-game wallpapers of the VF4:EVO disc? I wanted a few to create a site layout... Been trying to find it everywhere but to no avail. So does anybody have it? Or at least know how to rip the images from the cd? Any help would be appreciated... thanks!
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Download here at forum.

But wouldn't it be cooler to use the new VF5 wallpapers and images?
Wow, thanks! Odd, I've been to that site but I haven't seen the wallpapers in the media section. @_@; Must have missed it...

Oh, do you also have links on where I could download the new VF5 wallpapers? Come to think of it... yeah I think I'm going to use a VF5 image, I just hope I can find a good one.

Thanks a lot for the help! ^^
No problem. Heh, actually, I shouldn't have said VF5 wall papers, but rather just the big VF5 images you can find on the official site ( :-) Good luck with your site, the world needs more English VF love.
All right! Thanks. :)